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Brain Wellness Therapy With


What is Brain Tap: Brain Wellness Therapy?


This exclusive, copyrighted technology has been extensively tested to create the perfect symmetry of sound, music, and spoken word for the ultimate in brainwave training and relaxation, providing your mind and body with all the benefits of meditation without the disciplined effort. Dr. Patrick Porter PHD, a well known doctor in his field of neuropsychology,  throughout decades of research developed a truly revolutionary concept in BrainTap — a powerfully effective tool designed to help people like you achieve balanced brainwave states that enhance production of all the necessary neurotransmitters needed for optimal function of body and mind.

Braintap can be a major help to people with
busy work schedules, anxiety, brain fog, depression, ADD/ADHD, early onset Alzheimer's, insomnia, PTSD, and so much more!

What is the BrainTap headset?

The BrainTap headset is on the leading-edge of the brain-based wellness
approach now being advocated by health and wellness practitioners around the globe.

The BrainTap headset delivers gentle pulses of light through special earphones and

from within a visor. These lights synchronize with two types of sound - binaural beats

and isochronic tones - to produce deep and profound relaxation and varying states of

consciousness. While research has proven that both flickering light and synchronized

tones can produce relaxed states, combining the two guides you to a profound level of

restfulness and rejuvenation that’s otherwise difficult to achieve; it is a state of

tranquility that is optimum for mind/body balance, focus, and accelerated learning.

The BrainTap headset is also considered a portable achievement device. It is

driven by specially encoded guided visualization audio-sessions that are uniquely

encoded with Neuro-Sensory Algorithms (NSAs) to gently guide the user from the

wide-awake state into a deeply relaxed optimum learning state. A mini computer inside

the BrainTap headset converts the NSA encoded signal embedded within each

session, thus guiding the user through the brainwave entrainment process designed

specifically for that session.

With nearly 700 sessions in more than 50 categories, the BrainTap headset

system works with any smartphone or tablet that can operate Apple or Android apps.

Braintap Headset Therapy Incorporates:

  • Binaural Beats:
    • When two different tones, separated in frequency by only a few Hertz, are introduced — one in each ear — the brain perceives a third, unique tone. Binaural beats work by creating this phantom frequency, which the brain then mimics. For example, if we play a 220 Hz carrier tone into the left ear and a 226.5 Hz carrier tone into the right ear, your brain perceives the difference between the two, which is a subtle beat frequency of 6.5 Hz, the same frequency associated with deep, meditative states. Your brain naturally follows this frequency, and you experience this deeply relaxed state.
  • Guided Visualization:
    • In general, the visual imagery process involves the individual setting aside a period for relaxation, during which he or she contemplates mental images depicting a desired result or goal. This exercise is done during the spoken-word sessions to help the listener envision a consistent image (either literal or symbolic) of the results desired from the session. Visualization has been studied for decades, having been shown to have the power to affect mental states, improve physical and athletic performance and even heal the body. And when combined with the other elements of BrainTap, these effects are increased and optimized.
  • Isochronic Tones: 
    • Isochronic tones are equal intensity pulses of sound separated by an interval of silence. They turn on and off rapidly, but the speed depends on the desired brain frequency. The discrete nature of isochronic tones makes them particularly easy for the brain to follow. While binaural beats rely on balanced hearing in both ears, isochronic tones work effectively for nearly everyone, except for someone with complete hearing loss. This is one of the reasons BrainTap’s proprietary algorithms incorporate both types of tones.
  • The Power of LED Light Technology:
    • In addition to the sonic effects of braintapping, the BrainTap headset delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the retina and ear meridians, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into unparalleled brain states.Pulsing light, in the correct pattern and intensity, can produce levels of deep relaxation known to affect serotonin and endorphin levels, with an average increase of 21 percent in one study. These increases not only can calm and relax the mind but also produce powerful effects in maintaining a positive outlook and optimistic thinking.

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