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Advanced Facials

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Advanced Facials help with...

Advanced Aesthetics offers many advanced facial treatments designed to help you individually. Lana can assess what you need to have beautiful, clear skin. Our facility is equipped with technology from organic facials to laser treatments to ensure that all your needs are met!



A 3 step ultrasonic treatment system used to improve skin conditions from acne to wrinkles. During the first phase, dead skin cells are removed using ultrasonic vibrations from a handheld instrument. During the second phase, the instrument is used to help products containing essential nutrients and antioxidants penetrate the skin. Our facial contouring serum features patented Ethocyn to diminish age-induced signals that decrease elastin production. The final phase involves light stroking of the face with a very light electrical current to normalize the skin’s electrical current. This allows for nutrients to flow and promotes cell healing and regeneration. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Price: $200


Pure, pressurized oxygen is applied to the skin via an air wand to produce healthy, radiant skin! Oxygen facials enhance skin by increasing production of collagen and reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. Serums and moisturizers are incorporated into the wand application to immediately produce smoother, glowing skin. By directly applying oxygen to the skin, acne-causing bacteria is killed and the skin is infused with nutrition and moisture. Safe for all skin types and no downtime! 

Price: $200


Top Korean-based skincare products are incorporated into this soothing facial. Using only high-quality, natural ingredients and peptides, DermaFirm will help to moisturize your skin and reduce inflammation and redness. The plant-based components will set you on a path to healthier and clearer skin and is safe and effective for all skin types.
Price: $200


Treat yourself like royalty with a mask made of 24 karat gold. This luxurious, hydrating treatment helps to draw out toxins and reduce inflammation. As gold is one of the softest metals, it is easily absorbed into the skin, allowing for improved texture and tone and reduced redness and inflammation. It also slows down the depletion of collagen and elastin, leaving you with smooth, youthful skin. 

Price: $200

LED Therapy Facial

LED therapy is a type of phototherapy with anti-aging benefits. Through different wavelengths, LED light targets problem areas to reduce sun damage, acne, scarring, and inflammation. The warm light smooths over the face to help tighten skin and stimulate collagen and elastin to promote a youthful appearance. LED light’s antimicrobial properties kill acne-causing bacteria and target oil-producing glands to reduce acne. Treatment is customized based on your skin’s needs. 

Price: $200

Oncology Facial

Chemotherapy and radiation can leave skin leaving dry, itchy, and sensitive. This customized facial uses soothing, non-carcinogenic products to improve skin and manage the irritating skin-related side-effects of medications. Your skin will feel healthy and hydrated again. There’s nothing quite like the healing power of touch combined with the restorative benefits of gentle, customized skincare products customized for you. Experience the therapeutic effects of a facial massage and leave feeling more relaxed and restored. 

Price: $200


An advanced resurfacing treatment that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses to produce immediately clearer and glowing skin. The treatment is customized with serums specifically chosen by Lana to fit your skin’s needs. First, the skin is gently buffed to remove impurities and dry skin. Low-pressure suction is then used to extract dead skin and dirt and unclog pores, while a custom-made serum is infused into your skin. There is no downtime it and is suitable for all skin types. You will leave with an immediately smoother and brighter complexion. 

Price: $200

Mens Deep Cleanse Facial

Customized to your skincare needs whether you are struggling with blackheads, breakouts, or just dehydrated skin. The entire facial from beginning to end is tailored to suit you. Options include deep cleansing, exfoliation, serums, and specialized masks. Lana will develop a regimen with the perfect products and techniques to cater to your skin’s needs - get ready to get pampered! 

Price: $200

Anti-Aging Facial for Men

Custom Made Facial Treatment - Lana starts with her unique Face Mapping where she analyzes your skin in-depth and designs a treatment with the latest technology. Every time you come, the custom treatment will be different because your skin is different every time you come in! You should receive skin treatment approximately every 4-6 weeks or “once every epidermis,” which is the outer layer of your skin. The results you are going to see with this Swiss skin treatment is unlike anything else in the industry because the process includes exfoliating your skin, double cleansing your skin, extractions with Dermasound Elite, tailor-made customized massage with RF lifting, followed by Oxygen, Meso-therapy and/or microneedling and masque technique. Using these products and techniques , you’re going to see your skin glowing, more luminous, hydrated, and returned to its optimal condition. The best skin you’ve ever had. 

Price: $200


Experience the skin-firming effects of this Korean-based facial. BIOTEC is ideal if you are looking for anti-aging and brightening effects. This facial delivers nutrients to the skin and helps to restore elasticity, creating an amazing lifting effect around the eyes. First a toning ampule is applied for powerful lifting and tightening of the skin. A serum containing oriental herbs and advanced technology adds moisture and a soothing effect. An intensive nutrition cream is applied to improve wrinkles and a BIOTEC peel is incorporated to help regenerate deep skin and create clear, healthy skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Price: $200

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