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Semi-Permanent Eye Liner

for beautiful, defined eyes

Permanent eyeliner is a semi-permanent procedure that produces a perfect eyeliner look that lasts 1 to 2 years. It is similar to a tattoo process, but is not applied as deeply, so the effects will wear off over time.

Permanent eyeliner is a great option for those that do not want to have to reapply their eyeliner every day. The procedure produces a line of whatever shape, color, and length the client prefers, with results reaching perfection on a level impossible to achieve with standard eyeliner application.

The safe, gentle pigmented ink will not smudge or run even with sweating, swimming, or sleeping and will create the appearance of thick, luscious eyelashes. Client’s can also choose to have a “smudged” effect for a softer look and have the option of having the pigment applied to just the upper eyelid or both lids.

Before Treatment

Before treatment, Lana will work with the client to determine the best course of action. The client’s preferences, complexion, facial features and eye shape will be taken into consideration. It is best to not wear makeup or contacts for the consultation.

During Treatment

Once the client decides on their preferences, Lana will sterilize the eyelids and use numbing gels both before and during the treatment to help the client relax and to help them be as comfortable as possible. During the treatment, Lana will tattoo the eyelids with accuracy and precision to create the look the client desires. Once the procedure is complete, Lana will explain aftercare while the client relaxes.

After Treatment

A “perfecting session” will be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after the initial treatment, giving time for the eyelids time to heal and for the color to settle. At this session, Lana will make minor adjustments if needed. The client can discuss any changes they would like to color, shape, or width.

After treatment, the pigment will be darker for the first 7 to 30 days, but will gradually fade over time to the desired color. As some of the dry cells and superficial color sheds, it may appear as if the pigment is falling off during certain activities such as toweling off or after sleeping. This is a normal part of the process and nothing to worry about. Final results can be expected within 30 days.


Top eyelids only:

Top and Bottom eyelids:


(depending on amount of pigment left)

Get beautiful, maintenance-free and defined eyes.

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