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Skin Classic

Skin Classic

treats skin irregularities and helps with:

Do you have age spots, spider veins, or unsightly bumps on your skin that you’ve assumed are there forever? Skin Classic is a high frequency non-laser technology used to treat and/or remove various skin irregularities including skin tags, blackheads, acne pimples, sun damage, broken capillaries, and cysts.

It is also used for milia, fibromas, and sebaceous hyperplasia, among other skin conditions. Skin Classic is an affordable alternative to more expensive laser or MediSpa treatments. It is a quick way to clearer, healthier skin, with minimal discomfort. Because the treatment is so quick, multiple irregularities can be treated in one session.

Skin Classic Treatment Process & Expectations

Before treatment, irregularities are identified and skin is sterilized and mildly exfoliated in preparation.

During treatment, the probe will barely touch the skin. There is no skin penetration as the treatment is solely on the surface.

This allows for healthy skin around the problem area to stay untouched. There may be a slight stinging sensation as the probe makes contact with the problem area.


The probe will vaporize and dry the affected area in as quickly as a few seconds. Dehydration of this top layer will leave behind a small scab-like crust, activating the natural healing process, so that new, healthy skin can grow in its place.

The scab will fall off on its own in as little as 3 days. It is important not to pick at it as this can lead to hyper-pigmentation or scarring.

In the weeks prior to treatment, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure, tanning, skin treatments, waxing, or exfoliation of the skin. It is also recommended to discontinue topical or oral medications that can cause skin sensitivity at least a week before.

Post Treatment

Post treatment, it is important to avoid direct sunlight and to use sunscreen while the area is healing.

There may be some irritation which can be alleviated with a gentle moisturizer. Gentle cleansing and moisturizing of the treatment area should be continued throughout the healing process.

After the scab falls off, there may be some pink or brown discoloration for a few weeks. This will eventually fade to match the surrounding skin. Makeup may be worn to temporarily conceal the discoloration.

Free yourself of skin irregularities.

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